4 December 2023

March 01

Yoppi / よっぴ (gt.)


Blood group: O
Height: 169 cm
Shoe size: 26,5 (42 EU)
Personality: high spirits

Hobbies: basketball, dinosaur
Favorite brand: Air Jordan
Favorite food: ramen, kebab
Dislike food: tomato
Favorite place: right side of stage
Favorite girl type: everyone
HOWL's songs' strong point: lyrics are human and real, and also stylish
What you like about HOWL: always fun
Comment: I'm thinking about making you smile

Belle / ベル (gt.)

ex-Vivarush, ex-A≠ris (Ray)

Blood group: AB 
Like: Taujan

Kana / 華那 (gt.)

ex-Codomo Dragon, ex-Zakuro

Blood group: AB 

Takaki (gt.)


Blood group: A 

Kuroro Uru / 黒狼ウル (ba.)

ex-ANSIFLE, ex-O-MooN, ex-The End or is it?, ex-ASIA


Yuuki / 勇輝 (dr.)

ex-AWAKE, ex-Decoration☆Boys (sup.), ex-BALLY, ex-PARFAIT, ex-SyvaR…

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 170 cm
Perfume: Jill stuart
Cigarettes: Kool milds
Like: Piano, One piece, cats, TV dramas


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