23 January 2022

December 04

Chobi / ちょび (ba.)

The Guzmania
ex-Twelve Apostles, ex-DIV, ex-xTRiPx

Blood group: O

Ruru / ルル (ba.)

ex-MOTHER, ex-Jupiter (Rucy), ex-KILLANETH (Rushi), ex-TRaiL

Blood group: O
Goal: letting know our existence all over the world

Saku (vo.)

ex-Gossip, ex-Jyulie (Kiyo)

Blood group: B
ex-roadie of DIAURA

Ubuki / 初季 (gt.)


Birthplace: Osaka prefecture
Like: cinnamon roll

Yuito / ゆいと (ba.)

ex-Vexent, ex-GLEIVE

Yukina / 雪那 (gt.)


Blood group: AB
Year of birth: 1994

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