10 December 2023

February 12

Haruya / はるや (gt.)


Blood group: O

Yoneda Mai / 米田 米 (dr.)

ex-DEVIZE (Tomoe), ex-Reirei (Reito, ba., ex-AvelCain (Sou), ex-ArcGarden

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Gifu prefecture
Favourite food: rice
Disliked food: carrot
Comment: Good morning for breakfast, hello for lunch, good evening for dinner, let's enjoy our meal together.

Yua / 結愛 (gt.)


Blood group: AB

Yuuto / ゆうと (ba.)


Blood group: A
Height: 175 cm
Shoe size: 27,5 (44 EU)
Personality: doing things at my pace

Hobbies: driving
Favorite brand: Royal flash, LHP
Favorite food: firm food
Dislike food: Matcha
Favorite place: stage, my home's sofa, Asahi's home
Favorite girl type: someone with long hair, sense of cleanliness, dog-like face
HOWL's songs' strong point: Mayoi's sweet sexy voice, songs' meaning
What you like about HOWL: having fun together
Comment: thanks for your support!

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