4 December 2023

May 12

Kai / 丐 (vo.)

ex-KILLANETH, ex-NOCTSCURE, ex-VOID, ex-Anfang

Blood group: A 
Like: Hood By Air, Chrome Hearts
Cigarettes: Vape


Kazuki / 一輝 (gt.)

ex-NEVERLAND, ex-Bokura no Kuni Madeato, ex-G★H★S Team Y, ex-Raku Dan Kodoku (sup.), ex-W’Яip, ex-Ansem Elliott (Kei, gt.), ex-TRiCK (Kazuki, ba.), ex-PUNK Cleare (RUi) , ex-ReinCarnation

Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Chiba prefecture
Hobbies: skateboard

Ryuta (vo.)

Ainne Feria

Blood group: O

Shohei / 祥平 (ba.)

ex-CindyKate (Maya), ex-DIEVA

Blood group: O 
Cigarettes: Marlboro Red Soft 

Yukina / ゆきな (vo./dr.)

Redaft (hiatus) (sup. dr.)


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