27 February 2024

March 13

Laki / ラキ (vo.)

ex-Masqued Liar, ex-Zillapark (Aki), ex-TRiCK, ex-Ventric≠Drossy

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture

Mei / メイ (ba.)

DOG in the PWO (hiatus)

Birthplace: Sendai
Like: cats, crowns, feathers, white things, pegasus, unicorns

Natsuki / 那月 (gt.)


Blood group: A
Hobbies: car washing, stroll with dog, tanning salon 

Nimo (vo.)

ex-THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S, ex-A (Ace)

Rukoh / 縷紅 (dr.)

ex-Akaku Somatta Kioku, A.S.K. 

Blood group: A

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