11 December 2023

February 15

Mayoi / 真宵 (vo.)


Blood group: B 
Height: 167 cm
Shoe size: 25 (40 EU)
Personality: good

Hobbies: reading books, watching movies, going to art museum, watching theater, drawing
Favorite brand: Alice black, Justine clenquet, Diet butcher slim skin, Raf simons
Favorite food: chahan, negitorodon, black KitKat
Dislike food: matcha, eggplant, liver, sea urchin, allergic to fruits
Favorite place: a place where I can laugh with everyone!
Favorite girl type: childish
HOWL's songs' strong point: stories of the songs, individuality is expressed
What you like about HOWL: a place where we can improve together. Good friends, both members and fans.
Comment: we're a baby band so please keep an eye on us



Souma / 宗馬 (gt.)


Blood group: A 
Favorite brand: nano universe , Lad musician 


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