22 June 2024

October 18

Sugar / 砂糖 (vo.)

Kirawaremono (hiatus)
ex-PROJECT SUGAR, ex-OROCHI (kb., sup.), ex-LAZAROUS (SUGAR, vo.), ex-Batsu Game (Rinrin, kb.), ex-Otori session

Real name: 丸山 直流 (Maruyama Suguru)
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Toyooka
Year of birth: 1992
Height: 176 cm

Tatsumi / 巽 (vo.)

ex-LIM, ex-XEPPET (Yoshiaki)

Blood group: A 
Favorite brand: Garni
Cigarettes: IQOS mint
Pet: a Dachshund dog called Bell

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