29 January 2022

December 30

Izana / イザナ (gt.)

ex-Trance Note, ex-Patrasche, ex-Valois, ex-fura-neve

Blood group: O

KØU (vo.)

KØU (solo)
ex-CLØWD, ex-the Sherry

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Philippines
Height: 170 cm
He joined the host club "Top Dandy Tokyo "in May 2020


Mari Mizuta / 水田魔梨 (gt.)

0.1g no gosan
ex-FOODED SEAL (Kaoru), ex-it (sup.), ex-『Space』, ex-GEEK

Blood group: A
Something you regretted buying: a vase I've been cheated out of

Ricko (vo.)


Previous name: Kanata

You / 悠 (ba.)

ex-RAVE, ex-.iS, ex-NOLIDGE

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Nagasaki

Yuuka / 夕火 (gt.)


Hobbies: playing with cats
Cigarettes: JPS
Someone he respects: Miyavi

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