26 September 2023

AMBEEK – New single “Akatsuki”, MV “Monogatari ni ikasare monogatari de ushinatta “akatsuki” sono ketsumatsu” and new look

AMBEEK will release a 2nd single, "アカツキ" (Akatsuki), on October 13th.

AMBEEK sortira un 2ème single, "アカツキ" (Akatsuki), le 13 Octobre.

—CD— ¥ 1 650
1.「モノガタリに生かされモノガタリで失った「暁」その結末」(Monogatari ni ikasare monogatari de ushinatta "akatsuki" sono ketsumatsu)
2. little MONSTER-名も無き少年- (little MONSTER-Namonaki shounen-)
3. 自虐メカニズム (Jigyaku mechanism)

You can already enjoy the MV of the first track:

Vous pouvez déjà profiter du clip de la première piste :

The band will hold a free one-man for their 3rd anniversary on February 10th, 2022 at Akabane ReNY alpha.

And here is their new visual!

Le groupe donnera un concert gratuit pour son 3ème anniversaire le 10 Février 2022 au Akabane ReNY alpha.

Et voici leur nouveau visuel !

Keke (vo.)

Takuma (gt.)

Tsukasa (gt.)

Ginya (ba.)

Minami (dr.)


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