14 April 2024

Dennou himeca (電脳ヒメカ)

Formation as non visual kei band: December 22nd, 2021
Official debut as visual kei band: September 23rd, 2022

Label: Independent (2021-now)  

  • new bassist Meno & drummer Urara (September 23rd, 2022) 
  • guitarist Gaku goes on hiatus (November 2nd, 2022) 
  • guitarist Gaku comes back (December 5th, 2022) 

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Koshijiya Aoi / 越路屋 葵 (vo.)

Dennou himeca
ex-Bankitai (Gin), ex-Xenoblood

Birthday: November 11th
Blood group: B 
Color: Blue


NAOCHI (gt.)

Dennou himeca
ex-Gives (Naoya), ex-Tensai. (Naoya)

Birthday: April 1st
Blood group: A
Color: White


Gaku / 楽 (gt.)

Dennou himeca

Birthday: March 24th
Blood group: A 
Color: Red

Dokuga Meno / 毒牙メノ (ba.)

Dennou himeca
ex-Waruagaki, ex-AZALEA, ex-ACHE

Birthday: February 18th
Blood group: AB 
Color: Purple

Urara / うらら (dr.)

Dennou himeca

Birthday: February 10th
Blood group: A
Color: Pink

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