25 June 2024

Jigsaw – New look

On June 4th, 2204, Jigsaw held a free one-man concert at Tokyo's Ueno Otoyoko, giving visual kei fans a chance to discover the band. Then they announced their next concerts: the band will be sponsoring three events over three consecutive months at Ikebukuro BlackHole (Tokyo). They also unveiled new artist photos.

Le 4 juin 2204, Jigsaw a donné un concert one-man gratuit au Ueno Otoyoko à Tokyo, l’occasion pour les fans de visual kei de découvrir ce groupe. Ils ont ensuite annoncé leurs prochains concerts : le groupe va organiser trois events sur trois mois consécutifs au Ikebukuro BlackHole (Tokyo). Ils ont également dévoilé de nouvelles photos d'artiste.

Muddy Puzzle TYPE [M]
2023.06.18 – Ikebukuro BlackHole
Jigsaw / Hitchcock / SHIVA / THE GALLO / Shingeki no awake

Muddy Puzzle TYPE [A]
2023.07.18 – Ikebukuro BlackHole
Jigsaw / Hitchcock / SHIVA / Karasu / 201 Goushitsu / OLD CIRCUS

Muddy Puzzle TYPE [D]
2023.08.14 – Ikebukuro BlackHole
Jigsaw / Garakuta / Deigan / Kurokneko / Akuyaku〈C〉

2023.09.30 – Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE (Tokyo)

Bukimi (vo.)

Maru (gt.)

Ema (ba.)

Shiki (dr.)

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