27 May 2024

JILUKA – New live DVD and one-man tour

JILUKA announced that they will release a live DVD featuring the tour final of their last Japan-wide one-man tour that was held on December 5th 2021 in a live hall called Shibuya Veats. The DVD release will be followed by a one-man tour and instore events in March and April this year.

JILUKA a annoncé la sortie d'un DVD live qui comprendra le final de leur dernière tournée nationale qui a eu lieu le 5 Décembre 2021 au Shibuya Veats. La sortie de ce DVD sera suivie d'une tournée one-man tour et d'événements instore de Mars à Avril.

DVD - ¥5,500
Release date: March 18th, 2022

Songs recorded:
03. Ignite
04. Ajna -SgVer-
05. Raison d’etre
06. Eclipse
07. SE〜 Hellraiser
08. Flux
09. M.A.D
10. Screamer
11. Citrus
12. Twisted Pain
13. BaLa-DeDa
14. Lethal Affliction
15. Edifice
16. -Prologos- 〜 The Purge
17. SE〜 Ablaze (extended ver.)

One-man tour to commemorate the release of "LIVE: THE SYNERGY"

Tournée one-man afin de célébrer la sortie de "LIVE: THE SYNERGY"

Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka one-man tour 2022 "LTS"

2022.03.18 - Ikebukuro BlackHole (Tokyo)
2022.04.10 - Nagoya ell.SIZE
2022.04.11 - Amerika-mura BEYOND (Osaka)
2022.04.17 - Instore event @ Jishuban/Like an Edison (Tokyo)
2022.04.24 - Shibuya REX (Tokyo)

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