26 September 2023

Kra – Album “Shinshoku no namida” details and preview

Kra will release their new album "新色の涙" (Shinshoku no namida) on September 13th. The band has just revealed the titles of the songs that will be included, and uploaded a preview of the tracks.

Kra sortira son nouvel album “新色の涙” (Shinshoku no namida) le 13 septembre prochain. Le groupe vient de révéler les titres des chansons qui seront incluses ainsi que de mettre en ligne des extraits de ces morceaux.

01. 世界征服を企む少女 (Sekai seifuku wo takuramu shoujo)
02. 英才教育 (Eisaikyouiku)
03. 色のない絵画 (Iro no nai kaiga)
04. 日常は非日常の中に (Nichijou wa hinichijou no naka ni)
05. Tiny town
06. ハザマノマモノ (Hazama no mamono)
07. 三竦み (Sansukumi)
08. 故に今 (Ueni ima)

Songs preview

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