14 April 2024

Libravel (リブラヴェル)

Formation: July 2019
Official debut: August 1st, 2019

Label: Independent (2019-now)

  • departure of the guitarist Ray (July 7th, 2021) (details)

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Hayato / 隼 (vo.)


Birthday: February 17th
Blood group: A


Sou / 奏 (gt.)

ex-Pisarro (Kaede) , ex-EXEQUTE (Sou), ex-ZERθGATE

Birthday: March 3rd
Blood group: A


Amane / 天音 (ba.)


Birthday: April 22nd
Blood group: B


Kazuha / 一葉 (dr.)

ex-Re:move (sup.) , ex-batsu game, ex-Ageha session, ex-The NeeD (sup.)

Birthday: December 14th
Blood group: B 



Ray / レイ (gt.)

ex-Libravel, ex-AVANCHICK (Rey) , ex-EXEQUTE (Rei, sup.), ex-FOODED SEAL (sup.), ex-LiLiCAL (Rei), ex-JilZ★, ex-JILLS BLUE ROSES, ex-MIDAS

Birthday: July 4th
Blood group: AB


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