9 December 2023

Lynoas – New bassist & drummer and new look

Lynoas announced that their support musicians officially joined them on October 29th! They'll hold a first one-man with their new lineup on November 3rd at Ikebukuro BlackHole.

Lynoas a annoncé que leurs musiciens de support les avaient officiellement rejoints le 29 Octobre ! Ils donneront leur premier one-man avec leur nouvelle formation le 3 Novembre au Ikebukuro BlackHole.

Ba. : NoI   
Dr. : Miyata / 宮田   

Here is their new look under their new lineup!

Voici leur nouveau look avec leur nouvelle formation !

Chanrika (vo.)

Ame (gt.)

Kakeru (gt.)

NoI (ba.)

Miyata (dr.)

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