22 June 2024

Tarareva (タラれば)

Formation: November, 2019 (details)
Official debut: January 11th, 2020 (details)

Label: independent

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the bassist Non (December 25th, 2022) 
  • dismissal of the drummer Yua (September 9th, 2023) (details)

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Ruchi / ルち (vo.)

ex-d-ream-man, ex-Cradle (Tanaka Hikaru, dr.)

Birthday: January 11th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kyushu
Like: umeboshi

Awoi / あをい (gt.)

ex-d-ream-man (Nagado Awoi)

Birthday: January 26th
Birthplace: Kyushu
Like: tobacco,  alcohol, women, piercings, anime, hide

Ayato / 絢斗 (gt.)


Birthday: October 17th
Birthplace: Kyushu
Like: Seven star 7, white chocolate



Non / のん (ba.)

ex-Tarareva, ex-d-ream-man (Hadashino Ren)

Birthday: February 17th
Birthplace: Kyushu
Like: chocolate

Yua / 悠愛 (dr.)


Birthday: May 25th
Birthplace: Kyushu
Like: KENT, Dark fresh, calpis, sweets

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