23 May 2022

Virge – New single “Sen”, one-man live and new look

Virge announced the release of their 5th single, "千" (Sen), on September 30th! It’ll come in 2 editions:

DOBE a annoncé la sortie d'un 2ème single, "千" (Sen), pour le 30 Septembre ! Il comportera 2 éditions :

TYPE A - ¥ 1 800

1. 千 (Sen)
2. 堕落部屋 (Daraku heya)
3. 万華鏡 (Mangekyou)


TYPE B - ¥ 1 800

1. 千 (Sen)
2. 堕落部屋 (Daraku heya)
3. 「怨ミ言」(Uramigoto)

Virge will hold a one-man live called "人の上には何が立つ?" on October  4th at Tokyo kinema club.

Finally, they have a new look!

Virge donnera un one-man intitulé "人の上には何が立つ?" le 4 Octobre au Tokyo kinema club.

Enfin, ils ont un nouveau look !

Ryo (vo.)

Shizuki (gt.)

Hiryu (gt.)

Yu-ri (ba.)

Aru (dr.)


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