11 December 2023

Vivarush (ビバラッシュ)

Formation: January 22nd, 2016
Official debut: June 23rd, 2016

Label: Kerberos entertainment (2016-Déc. 2020)

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the bassist QS (March 2nd, 2019) (details)
  • new bassist Toya (June 23rd, 2019)
  • departure of the guitarist Belle (March 2022) (details)

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Ruimaru / るいまる (vo.)

ex-A≠ris (Rui)

Birthday: July 22nd
Blood group: A 
Like: cats
Owns the brand I AM RURU


Yukimura / 幸村 (gt.)

ex-A≠ris (Eo)

Birthday: June 20th
Blood group: AB 
Like: myself


Toya / 冬也 (ba.)

ex-KAVKA (ba.), ex-Lost Valentine

Birthday: November 11th
Blood group: O 
Like: alcohol


Pamy / パーミー (dr.)

ex-A≠ris (Rihito)

Birthday: July 3rd
Blood group: A
Like: food


  • QS / キュセ (ba.): ex-Vivarush, ex-BASH!(Luri, gt.), ex-Solaris.★ (Yuisha)

Belle / ベル (gt.)

ex-Vivarush, ex-A≠ris (Ray)

Birthday: March 1st
Blood group: AB 
Like: Taujan


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