24 July 2024

XaaXaa (ザアザア)

Formation: October 2014
Official debut: December 03rd, 2014

Label: Timely Records (2016-now)

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the drummer Roji (August 11th, 2017)
  • new drummer An (September 17th, 2017)

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Kazuki / 一葵 (vo.)

ex-Belmosaic, ex-6-sense, ex-Ballad.

Birthday: February 5th

Haruga / 春 (gt.)

ex-6-sense, ex-Schwarz-welt

Birthday: January 11th
Birthplace: Kagawa prefecture
Used to be the shop manager of an udon restaurant


Reiya / 零夜 (ba.)

ex-Belmosaic, ex-6-sense, ex-Ballad.

Birthday: June 8th
Birthplace: Kochi prefecture

An / 亞ん (dr.)

ex-ELM (Boogie), ex-Syokudai-kakko-kai (Kikurage), ex-爛-lAn, ex-Youen naru en houkaishita sekai, ex-Diana

Birthday: March 26th
Blood group: A 


  • Roji / ロ弍 (dr.): ex-XaaXaa, ex-RevleZ (sup.), ex-Belmosaic (Logic) , ex-GNz-WORD   
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