26 September 2023

Z CLEAR – New single “Gamushara”

Z CLEAR, who welcomed a new guitarist in January, will release a 7th single and the first one under their new lineup, called "がむしゃら" (Gamushara). It'll be released on April 11th and will cost ¥ 1 500.

Z CLEAR, qui a accueilli un nouveau guitariste en Janvier, va sortir un 7ème single et le premier sous leur nouvelle formation, intitulé "がむしゃら" (Gamushara). Il sortira le 11 avril et coûtera ¥ 1 500.

01. がむしゃらマーチ (SE) (Gamushara march)
02. がむしゃら (Gamushara)
03. ミサンガ (Misanga)

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