1 décembre 2021

Zera (ゼラ)

Formation as Menwa Koshi ga Inochi (session band): 2018
Changed name to MORE (time limited band): April 28th, 2019
Changed name to Zera: November 2019

Official debut: February 6th, 2020

Label: Planet Child Music (2020-now)

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Hisui / 氷翠 (vo.)

ex-MORE (Hayato), ex-Menwa Koshi ga Inochi, ex-Temaneki (vo.), ex-MEL (gt.)

Birthday: April 1st
Blood group: A 
Perfume: Egoiste platinum

Aqui (gt.)

ex-DIEALO (Aki), ex-Forte (Tsubasa), ex-Monodole

Birthday: February 16th
Blood group: A 
Like: games, tobacco, accessories, Red Bull
Perfume: Prada Candy

Minagi / ミナギ (gt.)

ex-MORE, ex-Menwa Koshi ga Inochi, ex-Jeminia

Birthday: June 19th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Osaka
Like: tobacco, alcohol, twilight
Perfume: Dior homme sport edt

Ryu / 流 (ba.)

ex-MORE, ex-Menwa Koshi ga Inochi, ex-REVINE

Birthday: June 19th
Blood group: O 
Like: games, sleeping, animals, Monster
Perfume: Givenchy

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