4 December 2023

August 01

Aoi Midori / 青井ミドリ (ba.)

ex-VOICE (Riku), ex-α., ex-$wanted$, ex-Shoutenshi ageha, ex-Teddy (Tetsuki)

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Gifu prefecture

Leo (gt.)

ex-Dangan NO LIMIT, ex-Rayven

Blood group: O 
Hobbies: muscle training
Like: gym, caffeine, energy drink
ex-roadie of MEJIBRAY and ViViD

Suzuna / 涼那 (ba.)


Taoru / トアル (gt.)


Blood group: O
Birthplace: Hachinohe
Favorite guitarist: Junjun (DOG in The PWO), Suzuki Hirokazu (Matsutake works)
Cigarettes: Seven Stars soft 14

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