4 December 2023

August 02

Ray / 霊 (ba.)

lua'N jihād

Blood group: O

Ryoga / 涼我 (gt.)



Blood group: O
Birthplace: Osaka


Shiina aki / 椎名 アキ (dr.)

ex-Amanojacushi, DARIAN MARIAN (Soara), ex-Los†ears

Blood group: A 
Height: 176 cm 

Souma / 双真 (vo.)

ex-IGGY, ex-Starless (Hajime), ex-Lyscear

Blood group: O 


Tomoyuki Kawamaru / 河村友雪 (gt.)

0.1g no gosan
ex-Z., ex-A, ex-RESULT (sup.), ex-BLEST (sup.)

Blood group: AB
Height: 176 cm
Hobbies: Pokemon
Favorite brand: Justin Davis
Something you regretted buying: a birthday present for my ex-girlfriend
A word for the fans: "Take care of bandmen (including me?)"


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