9 December 2023

August 14

Hiro / 緋絽 (vo.)

ex-Varyl, ex-7Addict, ex-Gossip, ex-Visage

Blood group: A 

Hyuga / 皀疋 (vo.)


Blood group: B
Gender: woman 
Like: horror, alcohol, games
Dislike: morning, sunlight, humans
Cigarettes: Mevius option purple 8

Kai / 会 (ba.)

ex-DEXCORE, ex-Gozenreiji., ex-Shinitagari

Birthday: August 14th
Blood group
: B
Like: Road bike, anime, bass


Zero (ba.)

ex-Gossip, ex-Jyulie (Ace)

Blood group: O 
ex-roadie of DIAURA

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