11 August 2022


Official debut: October 28th, 2016

Label: Jelly records (2016-now)

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the bassist Tetsu (June 5th, 2017)
  • new guitarist Haku (July 30th, 2017)
  • new bassist Toru (July 30th, 2017)
  • departure of the guitarist Haku (May 13th, 2019)
  • new guitarist Yumeto (May 26th, 2019)
  • departure of the drummer Naoki (February 29th, 2020) (details)
  • new drummer Reizi (July 3rd, 2020)
  • departure of the bassist Toru (December 12th, 2020)
  • new bassist Kai (April 30th, 2021) (details)

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Kagami / 架神 (vo.)

DEXCORE, Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra

Birthday: March 21st
Blood group: A 


Yumeto / 梦斗 (gt.)


Birthday: February 24th
Blood group: AB 


Kai / 会 (ba.)

ex-Gozenreiji., ex-Shinitagari

Birthday: August 14th
Blood group
: B
Like: Road bike, anime, bass


Reizi / 伶司 (dr.)


Birthday: March 17th
Blood group: O 



Tetsu / 聡 (ba.)

VENTCROIX, Project 「Loki」, TRaNsIENT
ex-DEXCORE, ex-Art for Art’s Sake (vo., solo) 

Birthday: April 4th
Blood group: B


Haku / 魅珱 (gt.)

Haku~shikkoku no toki~
ex-DEXCORE, ex-Butterfly syndrome, ex-Alive to Die, ex-AxiL (sup.), ex-Mizaria

Birthday: March 3rd
Blood group
: B


Naoki (dr.)

ex-DEXCORE, ex-DEATHGAZE, ex-Berry, ex-KUSSE, ex-Cena rate  

Birthday: November 23rd
Blood group: B

Toru / 澄 (ba.)


Birthday: October 19th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Shiga prefecture


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