4 December 2023

July 01

Anija (gt.)

Ainne Feria

Blood group: O


Kai / 櫂 (gt.)

ex-TЯAP BOX (Tsubasa)

Year of birth: 1998 


Karen / 可憐 (gt.)

ex-Drive at your Brain, ex-BLAIVE, ex-Ashley, ex-ARREST, ex-Snehvide 

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Aichi prefecture
Like: Indian  curry, udons, Vivienne Westwood, Metal Core, Post Hardcore

Yuhma / 巽 (gt.)

ex-Fixer, ex-Slang, ex-VP.F, ex-VEVEL, ex-Virus

Blood group: O
Favorite brand: Vivienne Westwood
Perfume: Jimmy Choo EDT
Cigarettes: Marlboro

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