9 December 2023

April 02

Aya / 綾 (dr.)

RAKUGAKI (hiatus)
ex-Amanjaku., ex-Lost world, ex-VIVRA VIVRE, ex-MEL, ex-LAVIS, ex-Amaryllis, ex-Rleda

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kagawa prefecture
Like: Being alone
Cigarettes: doesn't smoke

Chisa (vo.)

ex-DIV, ex-NEXX (ba.&vo.), ex-Vettic

Blood group: B
Cigarettes: Caster gold silk

Masa (ba.)


Blood group: B 

Tsurugi / 剣 (gt.)

RAZOR, Sadie (hiatus)
ex-azure, ex-Sepia (vo.)

Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Shiga prefecture

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