22 June 2024

April 01

Aoi / 向日 葵 (vo.)

AYABIE, 168 –One Sixty Eight- (solo)
ex-MASK, ex-Cynical Biscuit, ex-Shedde, ex-Le’visage, ex-ZercVelle

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Gunma prefecture 

Hisui / 氷翠 (vo.)

ex-MORE (Hayato), ex-Menwa Koshi ga Inochi, ex-Temaneki (vo.), ex-MEL (gt.)

Blood group: A 
Perfume: Egoiste platinum

Naoya / 那緒 (vo./gt.)


Blood group: A
Birthplace: Shiga prefecture

RIKU (gt.)


Blood group: A
Like: watching pro wrestling

Yukkie (gt.)

Gigamous, SCUM, the LAHNGS

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