9 December 2023

May 31

Domi (gt.)

GREED (hiatus)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Poland
Hobby: science, journey without destination

Gou / 剛 (gt.)

ex-ARCHEMI., ex-Zachel, ex-HYRAL, ex-Neah, ex-HARNES, ex-RivaSquall (sup.), ex-VULGAR, ex-Lycee, ex-Lovin’

Blood group: O 

Kohsuke / 興佑 (ba.)

ex-CONTRARIE (Wataru), ex-NoName (Kousuke), ex-DEEP RAVE (sup.), ex-PolterGeist, ex-Louder, ex-α:Vout, ex-AI-Ban, ex-CARDINAL NUANCE)

Birthday: May 31st
Blood group: B
Like: anime, food
Dislike: a couple having a good relationship

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