9 December 2023

March 02

Minase / ミナセ (dr.)

ex-D=OUT, ex-(V-Friends) (Mina), ex-Mudgett, ex-DERAIL

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Kyoto
Stopped his musical activities

Ren / レン (vo.)

ex-.iS, ex-NOLIDGE

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Nagasaki

Yuhta / 幽タ (gt.)

ex-ONI TO KAGE (sup.), ex-DARIAN MARIAN (Camy)

Blood group: AB 


Yu-sui (ba.)

ex-R.I.P., ex-Nellfin (sup.), ex-Amano jacushi (sup.), ex-Rabyrinth (sup.)

Birthplace: Nagoya

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