22 June 2024

September 02

Haru / 葉瑠 (vo.)


Blood group: A
Birthplace: Utsunomiya
Like: beer, ice cream
Cigarettes: BLACK DEVIL 9mg

Karen (dr.)

BlacK TeaR
ex-FerrisWheeL (sup.), ex-Aidoll, ex-PEAK HOLD (sup.), ex-ALVION, ex-ISORA (sup.), ex-ABSOLUTE TERA.F (sup.), ex-Shungokusatsu (sup.), ex-MonoLog (sup.), ex-SUZAKU, ex-Envus, ex-R-16 Project, ex-FREE (sup.)

Kazuha / 一葉 (vo.)

ex-∞INFi2TY, ex-Exdrasill

Blood group: A
Like: Starbucks card, Mister Donut card, Amazon card 

You Midorikawa / 緑川裕宇 (vo.)

0.1g no gosan
ex-LucaRia, ex-Mustema†Dorcheme

Blood group: AB 
Year of birth: 1987 

Something you regretted buying: sweets with takoyaki flavor
A word for the fans: "I hate these small platforms"
Elder brother of Taku (ex-Pentagon)

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