27 May 2024


Official debut: November 2014

Label: independent

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the bassist Maya (November 26th, 2017) (details)
  • new bassist Hayato (November 26th, 2017) (details)
  • drummer Ao switches from official member to support (May 11th, 2018) (details)
  • departure of the bassist Hayato (September 2nd, 2019) (details)
  • new bassist Toshiya (July 15th, 2020) (details)

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Haru / 葉瑠 (vo.)


Birthday: September 2nd
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Utsunomiya
Like: beer, ice cream
Cigarettes: BLACK DEVIL 9mg

Zechs / 絶楠 (gt.)


Birthday: December 11th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Tochigi prefecture
Like: Bloody Mary, jasmin tea
Cigarettes: doesn't smoke

Yuta / 悠蛇 (gt.)


Birthday: May 13th
Blood group: O 
Like: sweets, sleeping
Cigarettes: COOL Boost 8mg

Toshiya / 隼耶 (ba.)

ex-DictavE, ex-Sharon

Birthday: December 11th
Blood group: A 


  • Maya (ba.): ex-REVIVE
  • Ao (dr.): ex-REVIVE
  • Hayato (ba.): ex-REVIVE, ex-Grand Guignol  
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