9 December 2023

September 04

Kazuki / 一稀 (vo.)

ex-DILLINGER, ex-Nidaime A.H.B, ex-VARED, ex-Dis;cult, ex-Crysis

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Kanazawa

Rigu / 和希 (dr.)

Mikansei Alice
ex-Misaruka (Vetchie) , ex-project-Merrow-, ex-La neige

Blood group: O 
Was called Kazuki when Mikansei Alice formed

Riku / 李九 (gt.)

ex-Jack Caper, ex-JC11, ex-Toriaezu koakuma doumei, ex-Cold rage Bullet

Blood group: A

SHIN / シン (vo)

ex-ViViD, ex-RHYOLITE, ex-Dennou Romeo, ex-REVERb

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Nagano prefecture
Year of birth: 1987

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