4 December 2023

September 22

Aru / 宴 (vo.)


Birthplace: Aichi prefecture
Like: cocoa, cigarettes
Hobbies: drinking

Maro / まろ (ba.)

ex-ABOO, ex-Shuumatsu Distortion, ex-L&DS, ex-【_Vani;lla】, ex-w/c同盟, ex-Noa (ba., Maro), ex-Honey Killer (gt., Fumi), ex-Objet De Neige, ex-Canary

Blood group: B 

Rui / 瑠依 (ba.)


Blood group: AB 
Like: watching movies 

Sakura / 咲薇 (ba.)

ex-DOBE, ex-HALLOW , ex-LAGLESS (Sakura), ex-REALIVE (Takakusaki)

Blood group: A 

Yumehito / 夢人 (gt.)

ex-Belle, ex-Robin’s peace Bk., ex-KAKASHI, ex-Soroban, ex-HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ

Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Yokkaichi
Year of birth: 1985 

He used to be vocalist in AYABIE

Yutori / ゆとり (gt.)

ex-Pentagon, ex-METEOROID, ex-eris (sup.), ex-Vanqish

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