11 December 2023

June 05

Jojo / ジョジョ (vo.)

ex-Dainihon Kokkei Shungisha Renmei, ex-Jojo with Tokyo Himitsu Club, ex-THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS

Blood group: B
Height: 175 cm
Shoe size: 26 (42 EU)
Like: chocolate
Hobbies: toys
Perfume: Chanel egoiste
Cigarettes: Mevius ploom tech red cooler
Equipment: Shure Beta 58A

Mayu / 繭 (vo.)

ex-Mazeran, ex-Project konran, ex-BRAST (Reo), ex-Tsunagi

Blood group: A 
Like: Mevius option 1mm


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