9 December 2023

May 09

Izumi Takahiro / 和泉隆宏 (vo.)

ex-Roman Kyuko (Izumi Takahiro), ex-Sibilebashir (Izumi Takahiro), ex-Girl goomie, ex-Baggy-bogy (Takahiro), ex-R (Takahiro), ex-Queen’S-Q (Takahiro)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kagawa prefecture
Lives in Nakano ward, Tokyo


Reka / 玲華 (gt.)

Kienai Aza
ex-I.D.A (Ryon), ex-iLLFAME (Reka), ex-NINA (Rei), ex-the Abyss (Rei), ex-VESPERIA (Rei), ex-Gizell (Rei)


Ryon / リオン (gt.)

ex-I.D.A, ex-iLLFAME (Reka), ex-Nina (Rei), ex-Iro≠Has, ex-the abyss, ex-VESPERIA, ex-Gizell

Blood group: O 
Like: love
Dislike: superficial love

U (gt.)


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