11 December 2023

September 14

Iori / 庵 (gt.)

ex-CLØWD, ex-R’evolv (Iori), ex-(My★Levo), ex-Alicia (Kazuma)

Blood group: B 
Cigarettes: Marlboro

Ito / 糸 (gt.)

ex-Ars Nøva, ex-Amarna


O-jiro (dr.)


Blood group: O

Riku / 裏喰 (vo.)


Blood group: AB
Like: t-shirts, unusual socks
ex-roadie of Black Gene For the Next Scene and LACK-CO 

Wajou / ワジョウ (gt.)

THE GALLO, m:a.ture, Joppin:cal (vo.&gt.)
ex-EsoLLa!, ex-SOUND of DRUG (sup.), ex-heit (sup.), ec-rodwell (sup.), ex-talantula, ex-CafeNoir

Blood group: O 
Height: 161 cm
Shoe size: 24,5 (39 EU)
Like: alcool
Hobbies: remodeling
Perfume: Anna sui sui dreams
Cigarettes: doesn't smoke

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