10 December 2023

February 16

Aqui (gt.)

ex-DIEALO (Aki), ex-Forte (Tsubasa), ex-Monodole

Blood group: A 
Like: games, tobacco, accessories, Red Bull
Perfume: Prada Candy


Harui / ハルイ (gt.)

ex-Pezment, ex-Un, ex-Silent siren, ex-Video glamour (sup.)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Chiba prefecture
ex-roadie of Deadman


Sakatsuki Izumi / 酒月いずみ (vo.)

ex-ANSIFLE, ex-O-MooN


Kyo / 京 (vo.)

DIR EN GREY, Sukekiyo
ex-La:Sadie’s, ex-Haijin Kurobarazoku (Kyo), ex-Masquerade, ex-Visun (Yoma→Hotoma), ex-Gesshoku

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Kyoto prefecture
Year of birth: 1976
ex-roadie of ALBATROSS  and Kuroyume


Vy Tark / ヴィーターク (ba.)

Unli Furps

Blood group: O

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