29 January 2022

January 16

GAK (gt.)

ex-Puple Stone , ex-HAZZE (Matsuzawa Gaku), ex-ZEALITH

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kansai
Like: Heavy rock, metal, trance, pop

Haru / 春 (vo.)

DOG in the PWO
ex-Iceman, ex-Order Made, ex-Saibaiman, ex-Nyanko 

Blood group: O

Ibuki / 威吹 (gt.)

ex-Guilty, ex-彩-PSYCHO-, ex-LOST GEAR, ex-Cranberry~

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture
Height: 175 cm
Foot size: 27cm (42,5 EU)
Cigarettes: IQOS menthol


Tsubasa / 翼 (ba.)

ex-DAZ (sup.), ex-the LOTUS (gt.), ex-Dieu (vo.)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Osaka
younger brother of Rian (ex-the LOTUS) 

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