1 décembre 2021

January 05

Charlie / ちゃーりー (dr.)

ex-DOBE, ex-HALLOW , ex-Ray℃ (Ray) 

Blood group: B 

Miku / みく (vo.)

An Cafe (hiatus), LC5 (hiatus)
ex-An Cafe, ex-Chaos Maker (Thanatos), ex-Reverie

Blood group: A
Year of birth: 1984
Height: 164 cm
Birthplace: Nagasaki prefecture
Like: martial arts, shougi (Japanese game), reading, cooking, guitar

Takeru / タケル (vo.)

ex-Irodori , ex-Dear , ex-TRaiL

Blood group: A
Height: 163cm
Like: Sennheiser
Colour: pink

Yousuke / 陽佑 (ba.)

ex-AllS, ex-ALSDEAD, ex-auncia

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture

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