24 July 2024

January 19

Akari / あかり (dr.)

ex-Ogyarity, ex-Unlimited, ex-Tsunaga Re:Zero

Blood group: B
Like: Tamago bouro (egg biscuits)

Avel (ba.)

CLACK inc.
ex-VEINROT, ex-Sick.

Blood group: A

Shion / 志音 (dr.)


Blood group: B 

Tatsuya / 竜哉 (gt.)

ex-YARENAI, ex-Chain×MaiL, ex-DOGMAS, ex-XXX DOLL, ex-ALVAREZ

Year of birth: 1999
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Hokkaido prefecture
Hobbies: games
: Whisky with soda, Louis Vuitton, AQUA SILVER
Cigarettes: Seven Stars 10mg BOX


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