11 August 2022

January 31

Sana / 莎奈 (dr.)

UNiTE, Kuro UNiTE (alter ego band)
ex- EVE, ex-Icy Trace

Real name: Yoshida
Blood group
: O
Birthplace: Sakai
Like: novels, reading, photography, temples, art mueseums, BJD dolls, Keroppi, beautiful things

Shoya / 翔也 (ba.)

ex-Dizly (Yukihito)

Blood group: B 
Cigarettes: Kool milds
Owns the brand The VICIOUS

Taro (vo.)

Black Sirene (hiatus)

Blood group: A 

You / 瑶 (gt.)

ex-Gozenreiji., ex-Shinitagari, ex-Subarashiki hibi

Blood group: B
Year of birth: 1995
Birthplace: Tottori
Like: waves

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