9 December 2023

January 30

Gin / 銀 (ba.)

Reirei, Kuremero (sup.)
ex-WeiβCoRE (Ginga)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Nagoya
Was guitarist until August 2015


Nao / なお (gt.)

DaizyStripper, FREAKMAN
ex-TRiCK, ex-PuNKurea

Blood group: O
Year of birth: 1986 
Like: Paul Reed Smith, Kurt Cobain, Disney, Adidas, G-SHOCK, STAR WARS, Lipton Milk Tea, canned coffee, Village Vanguard


Tomo / 朋 (ba.)

ex-DADAROMA, ex-Gouhou Loli☆Punk Dreaming Disco (Kaneko Tomonori, sup.), ex-Z-Force (sup.), ex-SUPER BOYS (Tomo), ex-NovA (sup.), ex-LucaRia, ex-Gakudan High School (Team Z), ex-Medi@lize (sup.), ex-ReViel (sup.), ex-Clarias.

Yuuha / 由羽 (gt.)

The Raid.Co´COON
ex-Lilt, ex-NeXuS (Kei)

Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Kyoto prefecture
Like: silver accessories, VAPE


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