4 December 2023

January 21

Naotsu / ナオツ (gt.)

ex-Decoration☆Boys, ex-Erumiya Ryouta no Yuuutsu-sama. , ex-THE GLADROW, ex-S.C.R.M, ex-Cloche (sup.), ex-sparrow, ex-Valkyrie, ex-hell-trap (sup.), ex-Dia+Re:Dear

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 178 cm
Perfume: Gucci guilty black
Cigarettes: Mevius option 100's
Like: music, Miyavi, Shouko Nakagawa, Chrome Hearts ,Maniera, Hare, Joy Rich, World Wide Love! , Jury Black, Glad news, PPFM , spiders, unicorns, Harajuku, sponge Bob


You / よう (gt.)

Scarlet Valse (hiatus)
ex-Rail Tracer, ex-☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, ex-Sylphy, ex-Bang-Doll, ex-RAPT, ex-Setsuna

Blood group: O 


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