25 June 2024

Scarlet Valse

Formation: June18th, 2011
Official debut: September 22nd, 2011
Pause: March 2022 (details)

Label: Royal Rose Records (2011-2014), Starwave Records (June 2014-now)

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the bassist I (December 30th, 2012)
  • new bassist Takuya (July 14th, 2014)
  • departure of the drummer Hiroki (June 6th, 2016)
  • new drummer Yo-hey (June 11th, 2016)
  • departure of the bassist Takuya & guitarist Jun (December 31st, 2016)
  • new guitarist Raizo & bassist Shian (January 2nd, 2017)
  • departure of the guitarist Raizo (July 4th, 2018) (details)
  • new guitarist Rin (July 5th, 2018) (details)

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Kakeru (vo.)

Scarlet Valse
ex-Rail Tracer, ex-KKR Project, ex-鹿鳴戦隊, ex-Baru, ex-Sephiroth

Birthday: July 12th
Blood group: AB

You / よう (gt.)

Scarlet Valse
ex-Rail Tracer, ex-☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, ex-Sylphy, ex-Bang-Doll, ex-RAPT, ex-Setsuna

Blood group: O 

Rin (gt.)

Scarlet Valse
ex-SIRENE (sup.), ex-Misaruka, ex-project-Merrow-, ex-Higanbana, ex-Amaryllies

Blood group: A 

Shian / シアン (ba.)

Scarlet Valse

Birthday: June 26th
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Nagano prefecture
Pet: a rabbit

Yo-hey (dr.)

Scarlet Valse
ex-Pan-d-ra, ex-FUGA, ex-FF, ex-DEATH PROJECT, ex-Prime A Dees

Birthday: November 25th
Blood group: O
Height: 182 cm


  • I (ba.): ex-Scarlet Valse, ex-Rail Tracer, ex-FANTOM (sup.), ex-BALSE  
  • Hiroki (dr.): ex-Scarlet Valse, ex-Rail Tracer (sup.), ex-BADGE-X, ex-Bang Doll, ex-Setsuna
  • Takuya (ba.): ex-Scarlet Valse, ex-Louder, ex-Fukumoka, ex-Nijiro Gekka, ex-Spider Lily, ex-Atelier
  • Jun (gt.):RoqudamaCarta (sup.) / ex-Scarlet Valse, ex-Rail Tracer
  • Raizo (gt.): GE+IM (Raichi, sup.) / ex-Scarlet Valse, ex-Lafflesia (Otogi Raizou)
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