13 July 2024


Formation: January 1st, 2021 (details)
Pause: August 30th, 2022

Label: Independent (2021-now)

Lineup changes:

  • new bassist Tsukumo (April 9th, 2021) (details)
  • new drummer M-34 (April 30th, 2022) (details)

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Hikaru / ひかる (vo.)

BAN×GUMI, re:gletA, LENA

Birthday: September 28th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Tokyo
Like: Ichiran (ramen chain)


KIRAN (gt.)

BAN×GUMI, Luvielle (sup.)
ex-Hangyaku no REAL

Birthday: September 6th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Nara prefecture
Like: cats


Yotsuba / 四葉 (gt.)

BAN×GUMI, Shelast, JILL-PRINCE (ba.), GAM! (ba. sup.)
ex-AZURMA (gt.) , ex-Lilly Blackberry (sup.), ex-AIDE

Birthday: April 9th
Blood group: A
Birthplace: Kobe
Like: Gummy (sweets), Cherry coke


Shotata / しょた汰 (ba.)

BAN×GUMI, re:gletA (sup.)
ex-Roselia, ex-REDLIST , ex-Auteur (Asami), ex-FLYING PANDA (Shou), ex-Layla, ex-Rengou (Shota), ex-Cecil:rose (Shou, vo.+ba.), ex-FENRIR (Asami)

Birthday: July 18th
Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Fukuoka
Like: money


Tsukumo / 九十九 (ba.)


Birthday: July 22nd
Blood group: B
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Like: Sweets


Yousuke / ようすけ (dr.)


Birthday: December 3rd
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Saitama prefecture
Like: Gummy (sweets)


M-34 (dr.)



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