9 December 2023

May 16

Kayuki / カユキ (vo.)

[enver] brain
ex-three flat. ex-HOMURA

Blood group: O

Mikasa Neru / 御笠 ねる (gt.)

Helter Skelter (hiatus)
ex-Schrödinger no Neko, ex-Dorobouneko  

Birthplace: Tokyo prefecture
Height: 179 cm
Like: sleep, alcohol, moment when I think deeply about stuff alone
Dislike: optimism, noise ginkgo, liver, noisy people, hot days, Giants

TφRU (gt.)

ex-Roman Kyuko (TøRU), ex-SEX ANDROID (TORU)

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Saitama prefecture
Lives in Tokyo


Yuiha / 唯依葉 (gt.)

Mikansei Alice, SIRENE (sup.)
ex-Synk;yet, ex-Xrista, ex-OROCHI (Yukimura)

Yu / +悠 (ba→gt.)

CLACK inc., Ultimate Sonic
ex-Affective Synergy (Ao, vo.), ex-N@H (sup.), ex-zodia (vo.&gt.), ex-Marvelous Maiden (gt.)

Blood group: B

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