11 December 2023

March 21

Amakusa jun / 天草 潤 (vo.)

Amanojacushi (hiatus), IVY (solo)
ex-R.I.P., ex-Roub (JUN→Metsu), ex-VALIANT:CODE, ex-Dahliagate, ex-Venus, ex-Duke, ex-AnnNa

Blood group: AB 
Pets: owns 3 cats

Kagami / 架神 (vo.)

DEXCORE, Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra

Blood group: A 

Kyo (ba.)

Ainne Feria

Blood group: A

Ray / レイ (vo.)

Symphony no.0
ex-the LOTUS

Blood group: A

Umi / 羽澪 (gt.)

ex-Roze (Umi, ex-Haruka na Sora (Hinata Haruto), ex-Aloud (Hinata), ex-Cannibal (Haruto), ex-Gizell (Rui)

Youki Saki / 結城 咲 (gt.)

BlacK TeaR
ex-Enishi_Shin, ex-Ends∞Infinity, ex-WIFE

Blood group: A  

Zan / 斬 (gt.)

ex-Akaku Somatta Kioku, ex-A.S.K, ex-NO EVACUATION

Blood group: A


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