4 December 2023

December 25

Amon / 亜門 (gt.)


Blood group: B
Like: fish, muscle training
Self introduction: You'll understand if you come to see us at a live. You'll say "Cool".

HebiMaru / 蛇丸 (ba.)


Blood group: B 
Like: games
Cigarettes: Ark royal white 18mg

Junu / 樹奴 (gt.)


Blood group: B 

Takuya / 拓也 (gt.)

ex-Rands, ex-Shape Shifter

Yamato / 大和 (ba.)

ex-Labaiser, ex-VAN9ISH (Yuzuki), ex-zenmenkoufukuron, ex-Noize knot (Haruka)

Blood group: A
Like: Matcha, iQOS yellow menthol

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