9 December 2023

February 25

Hinagiku Hina / 雛菊 雛 (gt.)

Kebyo, On’z
ex-Dead Children (Cain), ex-Placebo (Hina), ex-4tune_UNIT, ex-VURNY, ex-THE CRISIS, ex-Kounotori, ex-Native Devil, ex-azarea, ex-Dures

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Hakodate

Kagemaru / 影丸 (dr.)

ex-THE DEAD P☆P STARS (sup.), ex-Purple Stone (sup.), ex-ARCHEMI. (sup.), ex-Hakujitsu no Yume (sup.), ex-Kurohime no Muyuubyou (sup.), ex-APOCALYPSE

Kie (gt.)

GRIMOIRE (hiatus)
ex-PIECE (Tsukihi)

Blood group: B
Nickname in the band: Ookami (Wolf)

Yaya / 夜々 (gt.)


Blood group: AB 


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